Collaboration case study: Ricoh

In 2011, the US division of global technology company Ricoh began an initiative to deploy a social intranet based on technology from Jive Software, to help connect employees more effectively and unify the organisation following its acquisition of IKON.

Case study key facts

Company Ricoh
Industry Technology
Current Collaboration goals In mid-2011, Ricoh Americas began an initiative focused on two core goals:

·        Consolidating its two intranets (one gained through its acquisition of IKON in 2008) to provide a more modern, flexible platform for users.

·        Providing better, more strategic support for employees to connect, communicate and collaborate across the different parts of the organisation.

Current approach In April 2013, the company officially launched its new RWORLD social intranet, combining traditional intranet content and communications with social collaboration capabilities such as online communities.
Outcome Eight months after launch, Ricoh’s metrics show that around 30% of the organisation participates on the social intranet on a regular basis, with around 20% regularly contributing content. A survey carried out shortly after launch showed that 69% of respondents considered the new intranet to be more useful than its predecessor, with 79% saying that it has increased their connection to Ricoh and fellow employees. While efforts to drive adoption and demonstrate value are ongoing, anecdotal evidence is positive, and the organisation considers the high levels of adoption to be an indicator that the investment was worthwhile. The global Ricoh organisation is now considering how to deliver a similar solution on a global basis.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Jive Software

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