How social collaboration technology helped Pearson refocus and realign its business

What's your social collaboration raison d'être?
In February 2011, Pearson implemented an enterprise-wide social collaboration platform to connect its various businesses across 80 countries as part of an initiative to improve the sharing of news, information and best practices, and to encourage collaborative working across the different regions. The solution – branded as “Neo” – is based on technology from Jive Software.

Case study key facts

Organisation Pearson
Industry Education and technology
Current Collaboration goals As part of its strategic shift to focus on education and technology, and following many acquisitions, Pearson needed an enterprise-wide solution that would connect the different parts of its business, enabling more efficient and regular sharing of news and information, and supporting the move to a global, yet streamlined, portfolio of products and services.
Current approach In February 2011, Pearson launched a new global social collaboration platform – “Neo” – and began an adoption strategy that included in-person training, a network of evangelists and champions, and strong leadership and guidance by the senior executive team.
Outcome Nearly four years on, almost half of the organisation logs into Neo on a daily basis, and the platform has become the default location for sharing information and soliciting feedback from staff on corporate news and strategy. Around 130 intranets have been consolidated to just one, and the platform has enabled significant cost savings through centralising communications and support for two further global business system implementations. Pearson has many examples of knowledge sharing and collaborative working spanning the organisation that has been enabled through the system, and continues to invest in its adoption and enhancement.
Collaboration tools and suppliers used Jive Software

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