On the Radar: Sitrion

Formerly known as NewsGator, and with a background in bringing social collaboration to SharePoint, Denver-based Sitrion recently revamped its strategy to include HR modernisation and mobile app development components to its portfolio.


Based in Denver, Colorado, Sitrion is a provider of social collaboration, HR modernisation and mobile app development solutions that leverage organisations’ existing Microsoft, SAP and Oracle investments.

What does it do?

Sitrion’s portfolio comprises three product offerings:

  • Sitrion Social – a social collaboration solution, which sits inside Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Sitrion SmartRoutines – an “HR modernisation” solution, which improves self-service access to HR applications and processes, delivered through the corporate intranet or portal.
  • Sitrion ONE – a mobile development platform, which enables customers and partners to develop custom “MicroApps” to access business applications and processes.

Available either as an on-premise or in a single tenant, private cloud deployment, Sitrion Social (formerly NewsGator SocialSites) provides social collaboration features including communities, micro-blogging and activity streams, discussion forums, blogs, wikis, lightweight document management and social networking, delivered as part of an intranet or extranet based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013. Extending native SharePoint capabilities and embedding itself in SharePoint’s portal interface, Sitrion Social provides deep integration with SharePoint while adding an interactive social layer designed to support open communications across the organisation. Notable features of the product include:

  • Q&A – Extending the micro-blog/comment concept, when a user posts a question, Sitrion Social automatically suggests potential answers from the knowledge base, as well as routing the post to particular individuals who are well placed to provide a response. Answers can be marked as “expert answers”, promoting their position in search results.

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