Social collaboration: Jive Software

As the largest pure play vendor in the social collaboration market, Jive Software offers both internally- and externally-facing online community solutions to medium and large enterprises. Following a successful IPO in 2011, Jive is continuing its path of growth, expanding further outside the North American market into Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Top takeaways

A well-rounded, feature-rich social collaboration offering that addresses a variety of needs

Available as an on-premise of hosted service (either SaaS or private cloud), Jive’s products are suitable for both internal or external social collaboration scenarios, offering a good balance of people-focused and task-focused features to support a range of different business contexts.

A variety of packaged solutions targeting specific business scenarios

Rather than focusing on the technology’s capabilities, Jive’s offering is clearly packaged and positioned to address the customer needs it encounters most often, with solutions targeting social intranets, sales, customer services, marketing and government.

Jive continues to be an innovator with a strong growth and product strategy

The company has continued its momentum well through its IPO in 2011, maintaining its rate of growth primarily through organic means, with several very targeted acquisitions designed to support its product strategy. In a highly competitive and fast-moving area of the software market, Jive continues to remain agile and maintain its position as a leader in the social collaboration space.

Analytics remains a key strength, helping to drive adoption as well as supporting reporting

Through features like Jive Genius and Impact Metrics, Jive uses analytics to improve usability and help individuals learn how to get the best out of the technology, providing recommendations, gamification technologies and personal impact reporting.

A strong and growing integration story

By providing a combination of open APIs, Jive-developed integrations with key business applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Box, and Sales Cloud, as well as the Jive Apps Market to support and encourage partner-developed integrations, Jive clearly recognises the need for social collaboration to become embedded in an organisation’s processes, rather than remaining another silo of information.

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