UnLtd drives internal collaboration to increase transparency, maximise value for social entrepreneurs

UK-based, not-for-profit organisation UnLtd created a social intranet to better connect its distributed employees – as well as its partners and award winners – and better support knowledge sharing among new and existing staff. The new intranet, based on technology from Igloo Software, was first implemented in August 2012.

Case study key facts

Organisation UnLtd – A support organisation for social entrepreneurs.
Industry Not-for-profit
Current goals As an organisation focused on sharing information with its partners and award winners, UnLtd needed a better way to share and collaborate internally, in order to make better use of employees’ combined knowledge and skills, as well as to accelerate the onboarding process for new employees.
Current approach In mid-2012, the organisation implemented a social intranet platform, introducing it to employees through a ‘soft launch’ process. As employees started using the new intranet, new features and resources were added, including the ability to extend the collaborative groups to include external parties.
Outcome Two and a half years on, the UnLtd intranet has become a central resource for the organisation, and is used by all UnLtd employees as well as 500 external users. With contribution/participation levels of almost 75%, the social intranet has helped the organisation to recognise the value of sharing resources and improving transparency – not only for cost-saving purposes, but also to maximise the value it can deliver to the social entrepreneurs it aims to support. Looking ahead, the intranet is providing a valuable vehicle for facilitating and communicating an internal shift to a more open and flexible working model whereby teams work across programmes rather than in the context of just one.
Tools and suppliers used Igloo Software

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