On the Radar: Mzinga

Based in Burlington, MA, Mzinga is a privately held software vendor of a suite of SaaS-based services focused on enterprise social learning and social engagement. Designed to support organisations ranging from 100 to hundreds of thousands of employees, the company has found particular success in the healthcare, financial services and media industries.


With its headquarters in Burlington MA, USA, Mzinga provides a suite of social business software offerings targeting both internal and external use cases, particularly around online learning and customer support and engagement.

What does it do?

Mzinga has four core offerings, all of which are delivered as SaaS-based solutions, with the majority grouped under the company’s flagship brand, OmniSocial:

  • OmniSocial Learning. Combining the company’s heritage in online learning together with social collaboration tools and techniques, OmniSocial Learning blends formal and informal learning for employees, customers and partners (see Figure 1). Traditional learning tools such as profiles, courses and assessments provide a foundation, and are augmented through support for discussion in each formal learning event, as well as through informal social tools such as blogs, wikis, gamification, ratings and reviews. Activity feeds allow learners and managers to monitor recent discussions, course updates and learner activity, for example, with widgets able to be displayed in different areas of the platform as required. Analytics are provided through more than 40 pre-configured report templates, as well as the ability to create unlimited custom templates. Pricing is based on an active user model for internal use cases, or a transactional model where deployed in external scenarios. Typical pricing for a 1,000 user implementation is approximately $30,000 per year.


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