Improving collaboration and better connecting staff at the EC’s DG Connect

The CONNECTED initiative at the European Commission’s DG Connect, employed social collaboration software from Jive Software to streamline and reinvigorate its intranet as part of a programme to remove silos and unify staff across its 52 units, with the goal of improving collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Case study key facts

Organisation DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect), European Commission.
Industry Government / public sector
Current goals Against a background of siloed department units, the Director General at DG Connect wanted to find an alternative to its unwieldy, fragmented intranet that would enable better collaboration and knowledge-sharing across the organisation. The solution needed to support more open, two-way communications, and take advantage of the “digital native” status of a growing proportion of the 1,200-strong employee base.
Current approach In mid-2012, the DG decided to implement a new social intranet based on Jive Software’s technology, and deployed on-premise. A project team was created comprising people from across the organisation to deploy the solution and drive adoption. The new intranet, called “CONNECTED” was launched just four weeks later.
Outcome Two and a half years on, more than a third of employees actively participate in CONNECTED on a daily basis, with a survey reporting positive feedback from staff on its value from a communication-and-collaboration perspective. Cross-unit and cross-department projects have benefitted significantly from being coordinated through CONNECTED, and the Director General (who has been a champion of the initiative throughout) is enthusiastic about its success. In March 2015, the DG Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) are joining the CONNECTED pilot.
Tools and suppliers used Jive Software

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