On the Radar: Claromentis

Based in the UK, Claromentis provides a flexible, easy-to-use intranet platform that supports a range of use cases: from social intranets to learning portals, to intranets focused on enabling and automating key business processes.


With its headquarters in Brighton, UK, Claromentis provides intranet software and services to help organisations build digital workplaces for their employees.

What does it do?

The Claromentis intranet platform (currently version 7.3) is a flexible, configurable platform designed to allow organisations to choose the features or applications they need. Built on a portal-style backbone, the core intranet offering includes features such as social networking and collaboration features, document management, user profiles, a knowledge base application, social project management, news, blogs, forums, surveys and polls; as well as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

For organisations requiring a social intranet environment, the ‘Innovate’ social networking application within Claromentis introduces microblogging and activity streams, as well as the ability to ‘follow’ the activity of other users. Individuals can comment on, ‘like’ or ‘share’ interesting posts, and @mention-style tagging of users is also supported. ‘Channels’ can be created to organise posts into categories and help manage information overload, or to provide secure sharing areas through the use of permissions-based rights. The user profile, which ordinarily includes traditional contact and role-based information about the user, as well as their position in the organisation chart, can also be extended through enabling the Innovate application to include the individual’s recent activity feed, as well as allowing others to post or comment on this activity, or start following them. Profile data can be populated through integration with Active Directory. The social project management component in Claromentis, ‘IdeaSpaces’, adds the ability to create project-focused spaces which include their own activity streams. Project members can create tasks and events, as well as sharing files and links with colleagues.

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