Schrodinger’s BPM


That’s the title of a presentation I’m giving on Monday at bpmNEXT 2015. I’m looking forward to it!

Those who read my writing or talk to me much will know that the question “is BPM dead or alive?” has been one I’ve been considering a lot over the past couple of years. I’ve been trying to gather evidence that will give me the answer… and I’ll reveal what I’ve found at bpmNEXT.

But here’s a spoiler: The answer is… both.


bpmNEXT is now an annual fixture in my calendar. The first two events were fantastic opportunities to quickly get up-to-speed with where BPM technology is going next, via quick-fire demos of new and emerging product features and copious networking time. This is the third bpmNEXT event, and this time there’s an added bonus: a ‘Business of BPM’ stream. That’s where I’m speaking, and I’ll be on the bill with organisers Bruce Silver and Nathaniel Palmer (‘BPM 2020: Outlook for the Next Five Years’), Forrester’s Clay Richardson (‘Reinventing BPM for the Age of the Customer’) and Miguel Valdés Faura / Bonitasoft, Scott Francis / BP-3 and Denis Gagne / Trisotech (‘Building a BPM Ecosystem’).

The fact that bpmNEXT is held in Southern California at a time of year when winter still hasn’t quite disappeared from UK shores of course has nothing to do with my excitement about attending!

I’m planning to do some blogging and tweeting from the event between Monday and Wednesday, so if you’re interested in the future of BPM, keep an eye out.