Taming the long tail of business processes


The technology options that organisations have at their disposal to help them co-ordinate work and share knowledge have never been so numerous, or so accessible. A growing cluster of cloud-based workflow and task management tools that allow teams to streamline the way that tasks are allocated, conducted and tracked have the kinds of price points and usability features that make them highly suited to addressing the kinds of business processes that traditional BPM technology platforms would never have been considered for in the past.

We’re seeing organisations that have held back from big-ticket BPM technology purchases now grabbing opportunities to use new cloud-based, mobile-friendly tools to help them get work done across teams and departments; getting started quickly and making improvements quickly with relatively simple applications. We’re also seeing organisations that have previously invested in BPM technology platforms to help them co-ordinate work in high-volume  business processes starting to invest in these new platforms alongside.

On April 14th I’m going to be presenting on a free webinar hosted by the provider of one of these platforms, TrackVia: “Taming the Long Tail of Business Processes”. I’m going to be speaking about how the technology landscape in this space is changing, and why moving beyond ‘spreadsheets over email’ as a method of co-ordinating work is so important.

The webinar’s at 11am ET / 8am PT / 4pm UK / 5pm CET. You can register here. It’ll be great to see you there.