From viral adoption to strategic initiative: The story of Philips Community

Over the last five years, research and manufacturing firm Philips’ social collaboration journey has taken the firm from the unmanaged, employee-led adoption of a free tool to a strategic enterprise-wide social collaboration platform based on VMware’s Socialcast technology.

Case study key facts

Organisation Philips
Industry Research and manufacturing
Collaboration goals In early 2010, Philips’ organisation structure was rigidly siloed, with limited opportunity for collaboration between its three business divisions or across different geographical regions. Faced with the growing, viral adoption of a free microblogging service, Philips senior leaders recognised that there was clearly demand for a better way to communicate and collaborate across the organisation.
Current approach Led by a Communications executive, Philips decided to explore a social collaboration investment, and selected technology from a start-up firm for a 12-month trial. Its solution, an online community platform, was piloted for two weeks with a group of 300 users, before being opened up to the broader organisation.
Outcome Five years on, the Philips Community has 63,000 signed up members from across the company, with 40% of these people accessing it at least once a month. The community now forms a central part of the organisation’s 5-year performance improvement strategy and has been shown to enable better collaboration between employees in different parts of the business, and is helping to flatten the hierarchy and support more direct communications between senior leaders and employees.
Tools and suppliers used VMware Socialcast

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