WATCH: 5 top tips for social collaboration success


There are many benefits to be had from enabling social collaboration within your organisation, such as improved knowledge sharing, enhanced innovation to create business differentiation, and better-connecting employees to streamline communication. But implementing technology is only a small part of the solution; the bigger challenge is getting people to use the technology and to work in a more open, collaborative way.

To help you ensure the success of your own initiative, we’ve created this short, 3-minute video which outlines the top 5 things you need to focus on to give your organisation a boost, drawing on findings from my case study research with early adopters in this space. So, whether you’re just starting out, or you need a way to breathe new life into your social collaboration initiative, watch now for the best advice you’ll get all week!

Don’t forget – if this is a topic that’s a priority for you, you can find a wealth of useful information in the resource library we’ve created in support of our Making Social Collaboration Work event, which takes place on 15th October in London. From how to build a business case to case studies of successful initiatives, get yourself a head start and find out how to succeed. All the reports are made available to you for free, you just need to register to access them. Enjoy!


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