On the Radar: Mvine

UK-based Mvine provides hosted, externally-facing online communities and client portals based on the Mvine Cloud Enablement Platform. With a strong professional services focus, the company differentiates itself through its flexibility and extensive support for customisation and custom integration.


Based in London UK, Mvine is a provider of online communities and portals to help organisations engage with clients, and support collaboration and communication among members, in a secure, cloud-hosted environment. The company’s solutions – which can be fully customised and configured for each client depending on their needs and priorities – are built on top of Mvine’s Cloud Services Enablement Platform.

What does it do?

Available for deployment as a single- or multi-tenanted hosted service, or on-premise via an appliance model, the Mvine Cloud Services Enablement Platform offers a varied range of features and capabilities that can be switched on or off as required.

Content/news publishing, blogs, and Q&A-style discussion forums provide the core collaborative features of the platform, alongside a simple content management capability which supports folder-based structuring, document-specific comments fields, check-in/check-out, and content metadata. Social features include comments, annotations and voting/rating for all types of content on the platform. Real-time collaboration and communication is provided through instant messaging, presence awareness and screen sharing. Events calendar capabilities are also available.

Each user has a profile which includes a (fully customisable) list of attributes and contact details. Individuals can create explicit connections (“contacts”) with other users within the community; this allows them to share a more detailed profile with specific contacts (the individual can configure which information to make available). Community members can follow other users’ activity, such as blog posts for example, which are published in the individual’s personal dashboard.

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