Creating a social collaboration hub at Macmillan Science and Education

What's your social collaboration raison d'être?
Following the company’s creation 2012, Macmillan Science and Education deployed social collaboration technology from Jive Software to connect and unify its business units. Driven by a need to streamline communications and enable the creation of new business opportunities, the company took a strategic, leadership-led approach to drive adoption and support the business change required for success.

Case study key facts

Organisation Macmillan Science and Education
Industry Publishing & research
Current goals The creation of Macmillan Science and Education in 2012 brought together a range of different businesses and teams in the publishing, science, social science, education and technology spaces. The new company needed a way to communicate effectively, to connect employees, to minimise unnecessary duplication of effort, to share best practices and to unify under a single brand.
Current approach In April 2013, Macmillan launched “Campus digital” – a new global communication and collaboration platform based on social collaboration technology from Jive Software, and began a phased rollout to its 5,700 employees. By October 2013, every employee had access to the platform. Macmillan embarked on a focused and ongoing adoption and community management programme to encourage employees and leaders alike to embrace the technology and the opportunity to connect, through a combination of training, promotion and the creation of a network of community managers to help reach employees right across the business.
Outcome Two years on, Campus digital has become a central hub for communication and collaboration across the business, with more than 50% of employees active on the platform on a monthly basis. The creation of a single, global people directory has helped overcome the fragmented, siloed background of the company, and has provided an invaluable vehicle for enabling knowledge sharing and co-operation for example facilitating the creation of a number of new journals, which are due to launch in 2016. Employees appreciate the increased accessibility of leaders, and in turn, leaders recognise the value of direct conversations with employees. For the Internal Communications team itself, the platform has helped communications reach employees in a more consistent and timely way, and has shifted the team’s role from gatekeeper to curator of news and information.
Tools and suppliers used Jive Software

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