On the Radar: nooQ

Scottish start-up nooQ provides a cloud-based visualisation technology underpinned by a social collaboration application, which takes an alternative approach to helping individuals view, navigate and manage their communication and collaboration information through heat map-style visualisations.


Based in Glasgow, Scotland, nooQ  is a start-up in the information management and collaboration space, and recently launched a SaaS-based “visual communication platform”.

What does it do?

At the heart of nooQ’s strategy and technology offering is an information visualisation application that is designed to help individuals find answers and experts within the wealth of communication and collaboration data that they are faced with. To help showcase and demonstrate the capabilities of this technology, nooQ has also developed a social collaboration environment that underpins the visualisation tool; however, it could be layered on top of any third-party communications or collaboration tool.

The graphical visualisation tool employs heat maps to distinguish relevant and/or important information from the wider ‘noise’ of activity. The more relevant and/or active the content (for example based on the volume of comments or ‘likes’ it receives), the larger the bubble, and newer content is shown closer to the centre of the heat map, while older content progresses outwards (see screenshot below). Different types of content are colour-coded to help quick visual analysis, and users can zoom in or out of the heat map to browse and navigate through the information. A key feature is the ability for individuals to filter and personalise their view of this data through a series of ‘volume controls’ that adjust the weighting or importance of specific tags or people within the user’s own visualisation display.

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