Social collaboration: Igloo Software

Despite operating in a highly competitive landscape, Canadian vendor Igloo Software has established a strong profile in the social collaboration market with its highly flexible and configurable cloud-based intranet/extranet solution.

Top takeaways

Igloo Software provides a flexible, configurable, hosted platform for social collaboration

Unlike some social collaboration platforms where the user experience is the same regardless of the customer and business scenario, Igloo’s offering extends organisations considerable flexibility in the way they structure and present their social collaboration environment, from a content-driven, web page-like feel to one where social interaction is at the centre.

The Igloo platform supports both internal and external social collaboration scenarios

The configurability of the Igloo platform, and its application-centric approach to surfacing features, makes it well suited to supporting a range of use cases, with packaged offerings for internal collaboration (social intranets) and external communities (such as customer portals). Igloo also offers a collection of pre-built solution templates to help customers when setting up their social collaboration environment.

A clearly defined and well-articulated brand

Despite the highly competitive nature of this space – and the flexibility of the Igloo platform – Igloo has been careful to avoid positioning its product as a “one size fits all” platform, instead focusing its marketing on explicit use cases, and helping organisations to understand their needs and how technology can help fulfil these. At a time where there remains much confusion among organisations about how best to leverage social collaboration technologies, this is a refreshing approach.

Strength and experience in addressing the needs of mid-market organisations, with a growing enterprise presence

The majority of Igloo’s customer base consists of mid-market organisations with up to 1,000 employees, which choose Igloo for its cloud deployment model, intuitive interface and self-service approach. However, the company is gaining traction in the larger enterprises, where its ability to support complex branding and configuration requirements resonates well.

A strong in-house consulting and services team

Unusually for a company of its size, Igloo has a strong professional services business, with around 15% of new business revenue coming from provision of services to customers. This includes strategic consulting, design, implementation, project management and training, and is a key differentiator for Igloo in the market.

Growing presence and business outside North America

Igloo has particularly strong support for multi-lingual requirements within its platform, supporting eleven languages as well as providing embedded translation features. While the company is still in the process of building its presence in the international market, approximately 25% of its business now comes from outside North America.

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