On the Radar: OnBase by Hyland

Hyland OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases, available on-premise or in the cloud. The company currently has over 14,500 customers.


Hyland, creator of OnBase, is based in Westlake, Ohio, U.S., with offices in twelve locations worldwide (including Brazil, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australian, and Japan).

What does it do?

OnBase is a unified platform, based on a single repository (the name is a truncation of “one database”), that provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Case Management, and Business Process Management (BPM) functionality. It’s available on-premise or in the cloud (in Hyland’s own datacentres), and provides user interfaces that work on both desktop machines and mobile devices. It’s designed to be deployed as an enterprise information hub, integrating with business applications to provide them with a single enterprise-wide repository for content.

Although it’s not marketed as a Records Management solution per se, Hyland has borrowed some records management approaches in its treatment of ECM which means that customers are able to deploy OnBase in records management use cases. Customers can use it for file storage and archiving, managing physical objects and document retention.

OnBase states that its on-premise platform is architected to support tens of thousands of users simultaneously, scalable up to 1 quadrillion documents, with sub-second document retrieval. It comprises over 300 individual modular components, grouped under six product categories:

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