Rise of the machines? – Bots, AI, and the Future of Work


Software agents are nothing new, but we’re now entering a new wave of innovation relating to bots and artificial intelligence that has the potential to impact our lives at home and at work, and change how businesses operate.

New applications for ‘intelligent’ automation are springing up everywhere, with the potential to affect all of the processes and engagements that make organisations work… but where does it make sense to prioritise your efforts? Where’s the value? From work automation to augmentation, what approaches are right for your use cases today?

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On July 21 Neil Ward-Dutton, Angela Ashenden and Craig Wentworth of MWD Advisors presented a free webinar that gave a hype-free overview of this fast-moving space. If you’ve got a free membership account you can watch the replay below. You can get a free account in a few seconds here.

Video interview duration: 57 minutes 50 seconds


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