MWD’s Assessment Framework for Process Application Platforms

Process Application Platforms are collections of software tools, servers and services that organisations use to build, deliver and change business process applications. What technology capabilities are important? Which vendors are making real efforts to provide those capabilities, and which are simply re-naming or re-positioning their existing technology? This report explains the analytical framework we use to shape our series of Process Application Platform assessment reports, which provide up-to-date independent analyses of the capabilities of key suppliers in this area.

Top takeaways

The capabilities of Process Application Platforms should be looked at from multiple perspectives

When assessing Process Application Platform offerings, it’s tempting to simply consider the functional capabilities of a product or product suite. However, a functional view that looks at support for different phases of a business process application lifecycle (mapping, design, deployment, monitoring etc.) is only one perspective among multiple that are important.

It’s also important to consider how well Process Application Platform offerings support common kinds of work management scenarios (automated, transactional and exploratory), each of which has its own particular requirements and challenges.

Our Process Application Platform assessment reports clearly analyse not only the core functionality on offer, but also the capabilities that are provided in support of automated work, transactional work and exploratory work scenarios.

Take time to understand the relative importance of core functionality and other issues

When considering technology to support a business process application delivery initiative, you need to think carefully about the relative importance of capabilities and attributes that are important in your own situation.

It’s easy to be seduced into concentrating on the facilities on show to support (for example) mobile and social styles of engagement, but in your own situation, for example, it might be that change management capabilities are much more important.

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