On the Radar: ProFinda


UK-based start-up ProFinda’s cloud-based technology leverages machine learning to help organisations make the most of their employees’ skills and expertise, through an application that matches skills profiles with specific projects or tasks.


London-based ProFinda is a small provider of a cloud-based work and talent optimisation platform that matches individuals’ expertise profiles with task requests based on machine learning technology.

What does it do?

In a nutshell, the ProFinda technology enables organisations to build a database of employee skills and expertise profiles, and then query that database in various ways – to identify suitable and available candidates to fulfil a specific task, or to perform skills gap analysis across an organisation, for example. Profiles can be seeded by importing data from LinkedIn or other business systems (such as HR systems and/or project management tools), capturing not just skills data, but information about previous projects that individuals have worked on. Each employee is then prompted to complete their profiles; the system suggests skills for them to add based on the seeded data (or they can add their own skills tags), and the employee can then rank those skills according to their ability, and their desire to be selected for related tasks. Profiles are then automatically updated by a bot which tracks the tasks people accept, and monitors their activity within the application, including the contents of documents and conversations. Over time, individuals continue to receive new skills suggestions which they can choose to accept and qualify.

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