On the Radar: Promapp

Promapp, a specialist provider of cloud-based business process mapping and knowledge management tools, offers a compelling solution to the problem of managing process variants.


Promapp is a specialist provider of SaaS-based collaborative business process mapping and knowledge management tools. It’s headquartered in New Zealand with additional offices in Australia, the US, and UK.

What does it do?

Promapp’s product – also called Promapp – is a web-based, collaborative business process mapping and knowledge management tool. Its simple notation (activities/boxes, connectors/lines and simple decision points/diamonds – see figure below) is designed to make it possible for the tool to be used by anyone in an organisation who can understand (or who can be quickly trained to understand) simple workflow diagrams.

In Promapp, the idea is not to express every aspect of behaviour in a process in a map itself; rather, it’s the main features of end-to-end business processes, and the roles and responsibilities associated with those (and the costs of those resources and the activities they’re associated with) that are the core interest. Users can navigate up and down through multi-level process maps, eventually drilling down to ‘work instruction’ level guidance including document attachments (including video and graphics as well as text documents).

Source: Promapp

As well as offering the traditional canvas-and palette graphical design space for specifying process maps, Promapp’s design environment allows map creators to specify activities and processes using a text mode, in which a sequence of activities is created by simply writing a list and ordering the list items.

Promapp’s value doesn’t really come from its core mapping features however. It’s the change management features in Promapp that really deliver its value – and these features spring from the desire to enable clients to manage process maps as living knowledge references that are constantly referenced and updated.

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