On the Radar: Wazoku

UK-based cloud software vendor Wazoku has experienced rapid growth of late. It offers a collaborative idea management platform and aims to capitalise on generally high-levels of industry interest in innovation initiatives and processes.


Based in the UK, Wazoku is a young vendor that provides a SaaS-based idea management platform designed to help organisations engage employees, customers and partners in their innovation processes.

What does it do?

Wazoku provides two core offerings: Idea Spotlight, its flagship idea management platform, and Innovation Pulse, which is a tool to help clients assess the level of adoption of innovation concepts across their organisations. Wazoku’s solutions are hosted in a Pulsant data centre in the UK for its EMEA-based customers, and on Microsoft Azure in the US for its North American customers.

Idea Spotlight

The Idea Spotlight idea management platform uses a challenge-based approach to enable organisations to capture, develop, evaluate and select ideas within the context of a specific business issue or focus area. Employees, customers and/or partners can contribute ideas, view, discuss and rate them, and monitor their progress throughout the idea management process. Deployed in an internal scenario, challenges can be open to an organisation as a whole, to a specific group of employees, or they can be created within an Idea Space – an innovation community that is created for a particular department or group. For externally-facing scenarios, clients can launch Co-creation Communities that enable customers and partners to participate in the process; these can be configured to provide a specific look-and-feel, and support the use of social logins for authentication of external participants.

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