How Vimond grew a global broadcast media platform with AWS

Vimond Media Services has re-engineered its distribution platform to run in the AWS cloud, to reduce distribution costs for its customers and provide them with more agile workflow – so they can exploit the broadcast industry’s move to IP-format media.

Case study key facts

Organisation Vimond Media Services
Industry Broadcast media
Current goals Reduce costs associated with distributing video content to subscribers; improve video management workflows with more agile tools
Current approach Vimond has used a variety of AWS technologies to create a new cloud-based video distribution platform, from its previous on-premises system; it’s continuing to work with AWS services to provide more on-cloud tools.
Outcome A tightly-integrated set of AWS services has enabled Vimond to improve its value proposition while also reducing content distribution costs. The company is currently talking to its existing customer base, aiming to migrate all those using its heritage on-premise platform to its new cloud platform in the near future.
Tools and suppliers used Amazon Web Services, Kafka, Zookeeper, Cassandra, Consul, HAProxy, Unified Streaming

Organisation background

Vimond Media Solutions is part of Norway’s largest commercial broadcaster, TV 2 Group; itself owned by the Egmont media group.

TV 2 started work on making TV programmes available from a website in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until 2002 that the company looked at developing a full-blown ‘Over-The-Top’ (OTT) online content service (it launched the TV4 channel on this platform in 2004, and MTV3 in 2008). TV 2’s forays into Internet TV became very successful in Norway, where it attracted a lot of interest from regional broadcasters. Before that point, these broadcasters had to develop their own OTT services in-house: but in 2011 TV 2 spun out its Internet TV arm as Vimond, headquartered in Bergen, Norway.

From its origins serving TV 2 and the local Norwegian market (today over 30% of TV 2’s revenue is from subscriptions to its OTT services; the remainder from adverts and rights), Vimond now provides a platform (technology and expertise) that powers the services of broadcasters and other service providers globally.

Vimond has remained focused on broadcasting, and has deliberately chosen not to diversify into enterprise video. Vimond’s customers rather like the idea that they’re dealing with people from a broadcasting heritage who understand their industry and the challenges they are facing, rather than dealing with a pure technology company that’s moved into the broadcast arena.

MWD Advisors spoke to Miguel Silva, Vimond’s Chief Commercial Officer, for this case study.

Project background

Vimond’s first offerings were sold using an enterprise software licence model, but the company has evolved its approach. The company responded to customers’ changing requirements by investing in developing a cloud-based platform, which it now tailors for clients using professional services.

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