Leading financial services firm supports new workstyles, improves information governance with Egnyte

A leading global financial services firm has deployed technology from Egnyte both on-premise and in the cloud in order to provide seamless access to information to employees (office-based and mobile) and external partners worldwide. It’s enabled it to adapt to and support new mobile and collaborative workstyles, and consolidate information governance arrangements in a new era of self-service access to content.

Case study key facts

Organisation Leading investment and financial services firm
Industry Financial Services
Current goals This firm has worked to provide seamless access to information via a content services platform that aligns better with the diverse workstyles encountered across its global offices – allowing users to collaborate across groups and offices on a shared platform, from any device at any time. Its goal has been to effectively and safely support key use cases where employees need to work with external partners and service providers.
Current approach This firm has deployed Egnyte technology to on-premise fileservers for office-based users, in combination with Egnyte cloud access for mobile users (with file synchronisation between all the various endpoints). It started by migrating individual users’ ‘My Documents’ folders first (in a seamless way that preserved drive mapping conventions), before moving on to managing shared team files and any more advanced use cases.
Outcome Egnyte has given the company a “true single source of truth” for working documents, whether they’re internal or external. Files can be left in their original locations on-premise, with internal users accessing them as they did before, but external / mobile users can now connect to the same content securely through a variety of mechanisms.

The roll-out has had the added benefit of putting information governance conversations on the agenda with business teams, and enabled IT to review arrangements going into a new era of self-service access to content.

Egnyte’s ease-of-use and the platform’s ‘heavy lifting’ has also seen IT start not to have to worry about “the nuts and bolts of the services”, instead looking at how it can leverage the content services to add more value internally.

Tools and suppliers used Egnyte, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure

Organisation background

The subject of this case study is a leading global investment and financial services firm. It was founded over 25 years ago and now employs over 500 people in over 20 offices across Europe, Asia and the Americas. It’s completed over 300 investments globally in a wide range of industries. MWD Advisors spoke to its Global Head of IT in the preparation of this report.

Project background

Our interviewee reported that his company’s infrastructure has historically been able to provide its workforce with a “basic” level of collaboration. Users shared content, through various means – but the sharing didn’t really result in real collaboration around the content in any well-managed way.

This company was looking for a way to improve usability and security; and provide seamless access to information via content services that aligned better with the diverse workstyles encountered across its global offices (both for on-side and mobile workers). It was looking for a product that would allow it to host files in multiple countries whilst still allowing users to collaborate across groups / offices on a shared platform – in order to access files on any device at any time.

It wanted the ability for files to ‘follow the employee’ and have access not be restricted to specific devices or connectivity choices; in addition it wanted collaboration features that could be leveraged across multiple environments. That collaboration requirement wasn’t restricted to the company’s employees working together on internal projects (whether within or across office locations); since it started looking at content sharing and collaboration practice in early 2016, the company saw an increasing number of use cases where employees worked with external partners and service providers – and needed tools in order to do this effectively and safely. Formerly its employees were relying on email and attachments, with significant limitations around security and the management of multiple versions of a document in the wild.

Our interviewee (the company’s Global Head of IT) was the main champion for the project that brought these capabilities to its employees worldwide.

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