The Shape of Innovation // Ep. 5: Community, creativity and innovation catalysts at Airbus

The shape of business innovation has changed radically over the past 30 years. This podcast series explores the changing shape of innovation through conversations with real-world innovation practitioners and leaders.

In this 26’26” episode, Principal Analyst Angela Ashenden talks to Konstantin Gaenge, Corporate Innovation Manager at aircraft manufacturer Airbus, about his experience developing an innovation programme at the firm.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • The evolution of Airbus’ innovation practice over the last 6 years, and the drivers behind the programme;
  • How Airbus built a community around innovation, engaging people through challenges, and building a network of “Catalysts” to broaden their reach;
  • The creation of physical “protospaces” to enable the creation of prototypes to take ideas beyond concept phase;
  • The ongoing challenge of connecting front end and backend innovation processes, and how to drive ownership of innovative change.

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