The new world of innovation: your path to success


For decades, most organisations tried to drive innovation in just one way: by building internal R&D teams. This isn’t enough any more. Markets move fast. Barriers to innovation are lower than they’ve ever been. Your competitors are more agile.

As Sun Microsystems’ co-founder Bill Joy famously said: Most of the smartest people work for someone else.

You need to expand your perspective on what innovation means, and get to grips with how you can take advantage of the opportunities surrounding you.

Watch our webinar replay now

On July 19 Angela Ashenden of MWD Advisors presented a webinar that gave a hype-free overview of this fast-moving space. If you’ve got a free membership account you can watch the replay below. You can get a free account in a few seconds here.

Angela (@aashenden) shows you:

  • What the changing innovation landscape means for you
  • The role of technology in enabling innovation
  • What you need to be doing – and not doing – to succeed.

Video interview duration: 36 minutes 51 seconds

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