In-depth review: Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite

Trisotech is making great strides in the emerging arena of Decision Management. It has a long pedigree in the standards management space – especially around BPMN and CMMN – both in pushing the boundary of what’s possible with the standard itself, and also in creating easy to use software to support that standard. It’s newest addition to the portfolio is a DMN modeller that’s now tightly integrated with the BPMN and CMMN modelling canvases. Integration with the Red Hat open source environment makes for a very interesting combination.


The Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite sets out to provide tooling that spans the entire modelling spectrum, helping organisations improve and transform their operations. The vision is that, rather than embedding software code in business operations, firms can use models to drive the way in which they conceive and handle work. Decision Modelling sets out to represent decisions in a precise, standardised and transparent way.

The Digital Enterprise Suite delivers:

  • A comprehensive set of tools and canvases that provide support to a broad range of users, enabling them to capture reusable models of how the business operates.
  • A new DMN modelling component that provides an end-user accessible environment within which business people model how the organisation makes operational decisions. These models are then reusable across BPM/workflow environments and RPA implementations.

We see a powerful relationship developing between standards compliant DMN tooling and the process execution vendors. Both RPA and BPM vendors should pay close attention to the DMN standard and products such as the DMN modeller from Trisotech. Transportable and executable Decision Models will – proverbially – put the cat amongst the pigeons in a very wide range of industries including banking, financial services, insurance, telecoms, healthcare and infrastructure.

The product set supports the ‘citizen developer’ and ‘citizen integrator’, providing a clear separation between the needs of the business end-user and the ability to embed and hide technology integration. However, Trisotech is a relatively small vendor, which may not suit all customers. Its go-to-market model is to use a direct sales force in North American cities, and to work through partners in selected international markets. Having said that, we struggle to think of scenarios where organisations with significant operational decision-making requirements would not want to look seriously at the product.

The role of Decision Management

The new DMN Modeller is a central component of the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite. The DMN modelling component is just another part of that multi-disciplined set of views and tools – albeit a very important part. DMN models can be directly (and visually) linked to other components such as BPMN, CMMN, Capability and Discovery models, as well as strategic tools such as Balanced Score Cards, SWOT, Customer Journey Maps, Business Motivation Models, Value Proposition Canvas diagrams, amongst others. Moreover, the underlying structure of linked DMN models is directly accessible from within those BPMN/CMMN models. Alongside that is the DMN execution service – developed models can be exported and executed directly in RedHat’s Drools (or another compliant engine); and there’s also an execution service from Trisotech.


The standout feature of the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite is its almost religious adherence to the formal standards. As a result, the Trisotech DMN modelling component can easily interoperate with other tools that conform to the standard – exemplified by the relationship with RedHat for execution, and Bruce Silver’s methodology compliance component. Developed models are transportable to other products and executed directly. Indeed, the DMN standard is the only lingua franca between the players.


We expect to see leading RPA and BPM vendors licensing and bundling the Trisotech technology. It’s here that Trisotech will need to step up its game.

Business impact

Given that technology intimately wraps and sustains today’s business models, Trisotech’s objective is to provide a suite of cloud-based tools that help customers “visualise, innovate, transform and improve the way they do business.” The overarching value proposition is to support organisations as they transform their businesses – from both an efficiency and effectiveness perspective, but also improving enterprise agility and customer experience. That’s a very broad scope.

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