Blockchain for your business: What does it mean, what should you do about it?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are grabbing all the headlines, but there’s a lot more to blockchain than tokens and coins. There are implications for your business that you need to understand.

Permissioned, private blockchains are able to build on existing roles and relationships amongst B2B partners, while smart contracts can help reinvent business processes that cross organisational boundaries.

Use cases for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies span the areas of digital identity and service personalisation; controlling access to (and the processing of) data; asset provenance; and more.

It’s still early days for blockchain, but the dirsuptive potential is huge… so what should you be doing about it in your organisation (and when)?

Watch our blockchain webinar replay now

On September 20th Craig Wentworth of MWD Advisors presented a webinar that showed what blockchain means for your business, and how it can remodel the way you operate – without ignoring everything that’s gone before. If you’re a corporate or technology strategist, you won’t want to miss it.

Craig (@craigwentworth) shows you:

  • What ‘blockchain for business’ is all about
  • How organisations are using blockchain technology (beyond cryptocurrency applications)
  • Today’s blockchain technology vendor landscape
  • What you can learn from early adopters, and what you should do next.

If you’ve got a free membership account you can watch the blockchain webinar replay below. You can get a free account in a few seconds here.

Webinar duration: 51 minutes 42 seconds


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