Salesforce Ignite: innovation to drive digital transformation


Over the last few years, Salesforce has been quietly brewing an innovation consulting service called Salesforce Ignite. With more than 250 engagements under its belt to date, the experienced Salesforce team helps customers to understand, prioritise and solve their biggest digital challenges, delivering tangible technical solutions based on the Salesforce platform.

Helping clients become “customer companies”

As innovation and digital transformation gain increasing attention and investment prioritisation among business leaders to help support growth and maintain market positions, Salesforce is one of a growing number of software and services companies seeking to capitalise. Delivered in collaboration with its partners, the Salesforce Ignite programme delivers consultative innovation engagements designed to help customers to transform their businesses to become more customer-centred, helping them embrace digital technologies and change the way they approach their business challenges. Drawing on human-centred design principles, the engagements apply innovation methodology to identify new digital opportunities and ideas, and – crucially – deliver working technical solutions that are built using the Salesforce platform. What’s more, the engagements are delivered for free by the Salesforce Ignite team.

The Salesforce Ignite process

Each “Ignite” is delivered as a 2-3 month engagement that leads organisations through a clearly-defined process comprising four phases:

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