Webinar: When Process Models Aren’t Enough – The Value of Decision Modelling


The value of decision modelling is becoming more apparent: the speed of business, technology and market change for many sectors – together with an ‘age of abundance’ of technology resources, at the same time as a relative scarcity of specialised talent – is driving the need for businesses to find more opportunities to push greater collaboration between business and technology people. When so much is possible and when so much is changing so fast, the old ways of trying to translate strategy into execution just aren’t good enough.

On November 28th at 3pm UK / 4pm CET / 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific, in a webinar hosted by Signavio, MWD Advisors’ Neil Ward-Dutton will share his insights on how modelling decisions opens up dialogue between stakeholders and how this increases awareness of the value of business information quality as well as decision consistency.

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