Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service: Production-ready for beyond PoCs

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service is a Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain platform in the Oracle Cloud, wrapped with enterprise features for improved security, resilience, ease of management, and so on – and outfitted with integration into a raft of Oracle products to enable integration with existing applications, plus REST APIs to help developers build new applications.

Top takeaways

Hyperledger, hardened

Oracle has analysed the operational requirements for delivering blockchain-enabled applications at scale in an enterprise setting, and constructed the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service to address both blockchain-specific concerns (such as on-boarding, blockchain network security, monitoring, availability and recoverability), and wider enterprise application needs around integration – in order to embed blockchain network capabilities into broader business processes.

From proofs-of-concept, to embedded production services

Oracle understands that the value in blockchain can’t be realised from distributed ledger projects in isolation, and has focused on building out enterprise features and support to embed blockchain-enabled applications across the business in order to drive innovation (in efficiencies, and in new business models). For example, its Application Integration toolkit will provide integration application templates, patterns, and sample code designed to accelerate the integration of blockchain applications into Oracle SaaS and on-premise application suites; and there are REST APIs to enable developers to integrate with Oracle Cloud Platform for custom blockchain-based applications.

Enterprise-friendly, and Oracle enterprise super-friendly

Oracle’s enterprise-grade management add-ons, in isolation, make the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service a good fit for any enterprise looking to scale out from early proofs-of-concept projects; but the addition of integration support for a raft of Oracle products (and support from its industry teams) significantly smooth the way forward for existing Oracle customers looking to embed and exploit blockchain across their business processes.

Introducing the Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service

Oracle launched its Hyperledger Fabric-based Blockchain Cloud Service at its annual OpenWorld conference in October 2017, barely two months after the company had officially joined the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project. It’s expected to become Generally Available in H1 2018.

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