Sold to Siemens: Is Mendix now out of the picture?

With its acquisition by global technology powerhouse Siemens for about $700m last week, Mendix has secured financial stability and backing… but at what cost?

Somewhat predictably, Mendix’s competitors have wasted no time in spreading a bit of fear, uncertainty and doubt about Mendix’s future. Here’s Appian’s CEO Matt Calkins [reg required].

The acquisition press release highlights that Mendix will continue to benefit from a degree of autonomy (keeping its name, for example) but at the same time, makes it clear that Siemens wants to use Mendix very much as a way to boost its credibility and capability around enterprise connected technolology (IoT) solutions – combining it with Siemens’ MindSphere platform.

The challenge both companies have to overcome is one of perception as much as anything. History is not exactly bursting with examples of big hardware-focused technology specialists making successful software acquisitions (for example, see: pretty much every enterprise software acquisition that HP ever made).

It’s going to be easy for Mendix’s competitors to spread doubt about the platform’s future viability as a general-purpose low-code platform – I’m sure we’ll see more of that over the coming weeks and months.

Can Siemens and Mendix counter the FUD? It’ll be interesting to see.