Architecting the new wave of automation


Given the wide variety of automation-related technologies being pitched to organisations, and the speedy pace of automation technology evolution, it’s vital that you develop an automation strategy that clearly and deliberately sets out how and where you will look to apply different kinds of automation technology capability – and why you are looking to apply particular technologies in particular places.

We had such a great response to our recent report on the topic, we decided to deliver our analysis as a webinar too.

Watch our webinar replay now

On September 13 Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors presented a webinar that gave a hype-free overview of this fast-moving space. If you’ve got a free membership account you can watch the replay below. You can get a free account in a few seconds here.

Neil (@neilwd) shows you:

  • Why it’s so important to think again about business automation now, and why that’s hard
  • How to build a modern automation strategy, using a framework that helps you think about “how work works”
  • Practical next steps for choosing technologies and implementing them in your organisation.

Video replay duration: 51 minutes 11 seconds