New horizons


When I started MWD Advisors way back in 2005 with my co-founder Neil Macehiter, there was no iPhone, no Twitter, and Facebook was just a college website. We started our technology research and advisory business because even then, we could see that post dotcom boom and bust, technology was still changing fast and would remake a lot of how businesses and organisations work.

I’m not sure we knew just how much things would change, but some things have very definitely stayed the same. We’ve researched and advised on the impacts of SOA, integration, collaboration, social technologies, identity management, enterprise architecture, BPM, analytics, big data, IoT, low-code application development, RPA, PaaS, blockchain and more.

We’ve had a great run of 13 years, but I can’t pretend it’s been all easy or all fun. There have been some really tough and stressful times. Running a small business has to be a bit of a labour of love – and luckily, I have always loved what I do.

Now, though, it’s time for a change.

I’m very much of the opinion that comfort zones are dangerous things. If we stay forever inside them, they surely shrink and shrink. It’s only by putting ourselves out there, pushing against the edges of our comfort zones and stepping over the lines, that we truly learn and grow.

For various reasons, it feels like now is a good time to take on new challenges. So as of November 30th, MWD Advisors will close its doors for business.

I’m not leaving the technology industry analyst role, though – from December 2018 I’m taking up a senior leadership role at IDC Europe. Our Principal Analyst Craig Wentworth is making the move to IDC at the same time, joining as Research Director of IDC’s European Blockchain Practice. You can find us on LinkedIn if you’d like to connect.

Even though MWD Advisors will no longer be an active business, this website ( will stay live for some months (likely to at least April or May 2019), and we’ll open up all the content so no registration is required. Think of it as a free enterprise technology research archive.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks very much indeed for your support – it’s been a fantastic experience to build a technology analyst firm brand that I think managed to consistently punch above its weight. I sincerely hope that you’ve found our research and services valuable.

See you on the other side!