AI discovery workshops

A new wave of automation technologies is breaking over organisations across all industries – impacting how tasks get done and co-ordinated, how decisions get made and how knowledge gets created and shared. AI technologies have the power to automate, but also to augment – but there’s so much going on, it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees.

AI technologies: augmenting and automating work across your organisation

What would happen if your existing business operating model became significantly outdated, and you didn’t have a plan to deal with it?

Current AI hype often confuses. When suppliers give names like Watson or Einstein to their initiatives it can lead to oversimplification. The truth is:

  • There’s actually a cluster of technologies that play within “AI”, which separate out into three distinct layers – and each layer has a distinct kind of benefit and impact.
  • Different business situations, opportunities or challenges benefit from applications of technologies across different mixtures of these technologies and layers.
  • The economics of AI technologies and resources are fast-changing and complicated. Some parts of the AI space are commoditising very quickly.
  • Application of AI technologies and resources will have organisational and cultural impacts, as well as cost and profit impacts.

Technology capabilities and impacts are changing all the time. You need to understand if, and when, paying serious attention will make sense for your organisation.

Understand AI threats and opportunities, quickly

Our AI Discovery Workshop is shaped right from the start around your own stated needs and priorities. We come to you and deliver a punchy, highly focused discovery workshop with no fluff.
You, your colleagues and your potential project stakeholders will get a clear, no-nonsense understanding of the potential value and applicability of AI technologies within the context of your business and its strategies.
During our workshop we’ll work with your team to co-create a map of AI opportunities and challenges specifically for your organisation and its context, and the implications of those.
After the workshop, we’ll send you a targeted findings report that highlights the outcomes of the workshop and the next steps you need to take.

Get truly independent, unbiased advice

At MWD Advisors we’re independent of technology companies and systems integrators. We don’t build systems for clients and we don’t sell technology products.

This is important, because AI technologies may not make sense for you. We will tell you that. We won’t try and push you into an investment you don’t need to make.

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