Blockchain discovery workshops

The distributed ledger technologies that underpin cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can potentially transform the way many organisations work; especially where business processes, access, and control all extend beyond corporate boundaries. There are also opportunities for these technologies to fundamentally change the way whole ‘systems’ of work operate, across a variety of industries.

Blockchain: transforming business trust, networks and processes

What would happen if your existing business operating model became significantly outdated, and you didn’t have a plan to deal with it?

From the early blockchain pilots we’ve seen right across different industries, we know that:

  • Blockchain is a way of introducing trust into an untrusted environment.
  • Blockchain’s peer-to-peer nature provides a way of removing expensive intermediaries from business systems to reduce transaction cost and complexity.
  • ‘Smart contracts’ can be used to automate business processes autonomously across a distributed business network.
  • Smart contracts can also be used to track assets across a supply chain for unchallengeable provenance.

However this is a fast-moving space. Technology capabilities and impacts are changing all the time. You need to understand if, and when, paying serious attention will make sense for your organisation.

Understand blockchain threats and opportunities, quickly

Our Blockchain Discovery Workshop is shaped right from the start around your own stated needs and priorities. We come to you and deliver a punchy, highly focused workshop with no fluff.
You, your colleagues and your potential project stakeholders will get a clear, no-nonsense understanding of the potential value and applicability of blockchain technologies within the context of your business and its strategies.
During our workshop we’ll work with your team to co-create a map of blockchain opportunities and challenges specifically for your organisation and its context, and the implications of those.
After the workshop, we’ll send you a targeted findings report that highlights the outcomes of the workshop and the next steps you need to take.

Get truly independent, unbiased advice

At MWD Advisors we’re independent of technology companies and systems integrators. We don’t build systems for clients and we don’t sell technology products.

This is important, because blockchain technologies may not make sense for you. We will tell you that. We won’t try and push you into an investment you don’t need to make.

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