About MWD Advisors

As a technology research and advisory services firm, our business is to help you make sense of complicated, fast-moving technologies, separate hype from reality, and make successful technology investments.

We’re proudly independent of technology suppliers and services companies, so we can help you with truly impartial advice.

Our core focus is how digital technologies are changing the ways that organisations and people get work done. As well as providing retainer services that give you on-demand access to our research and advice, we also provide customisable training and consulting services.

We’ve been in business since 2005 and we’re based in the UK, but our research scope and consulting base is international. We currently have around 7,500 members in our subscriber community – from across financial services, retail, utilities, government, telecoms, travel and transport, healthcare and high-tech sectors.

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Our analyst team



Neil Ward-Dutton is MWD Advisors’ co-founder and Research Director, and is one of Europe’s most experienced and high-profile strategic IT advisors and industry analysts. His areas of expertise include digital transformation, business process management (BPM), integration technologies, low-code platforms, enterprise architecture (EA) and IT strategy. Neil acts as an advisor to large European organisations across industries and sectors as diverse as financial services, retail, utilities and government – as well as providing advice to a number of leading technology vendors.

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Video: Neil speaking at an event (AppianWorld 2016); in an interview (Innovation World, 2015).



Craig Wentworth is a Principal Analyst, focused on blockchain technologies, cloud platforms, and more. Craig brings broad-ranging IT industry experience to the MWD research team. As Director of Organisation and User Innovation at Jisc, he spent eight years advising higher education establishments on the cultural adoption of technology services and the effects of disruptive technologies. Craig’s areas of expertise include: blockchain in business; the evolution of content collaboration platforms; AI and machine learning in Enterprise Content Management; the nexus of content, process and case management; cloud migration strategies; and applying IoT to business problems.

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We explore and explain more than just technology

Our research approach is based on three core principles which together help us deliver valuable advice that offers a different perspective:

  1. Technology is not enough. It’s easy for analyst firms to provide insights and advice on technology products and directions, because IT vendors have a vested interest in briefing the analyst community. However as the decidedly mixed outcome of 40 years’ historic IT investment has shown us, concentrating purely on technology and hoping for “silver bullets” is a sure way for enterprises to miss the real opportunities and challenges that spring from use of IT in business. Our approach complements an understanding of technology products and directions with consideration of the “soft” issues that are so important in delivering business value from new digital technologies: issues concerning skills, culture and communication, process, methodology and organisation.
  2. We live in a world of ‘and’, not ‘or’. In the real world, it’s clear that enterprises’ opportunities and challenges aren’t very often about individual, fenced-off areas of technology or competence. Individual technology investment and strategy choices have to be made in the context of a bigger picture. We explain how individual technology, market and best-practice developments impact broader opportunities for delivering business value. Our research framework compels us to seek out areas where trends impact more broadly, and collaborate to produce research and advice that highlights the broader positive and negative implications of developments.
  3. Show working examples. In our research program we explore enterprise adoption of tools and technologies, practices and challenges not only through broad market studies, but also by creating in-depth case studies that highlight the critical success factors that led to the outcome in question – considering, as you’d expect, issues concerning skills, culture and communication, process, methodology and organisation.

You can count on our independence

All the research and advice you find on this site is funded by us. We drive our own research program – our research agenda isn’t set by research or writing projects we carry out for vendors.

Any research and advice that’s based on briefings from technology vendors is always thoroughly fact-checked before publication, and we do our best to give more than enough notice to vendors when they do review our research so that they have time to provide feedback. Although we will always accept guidance from vendors on factual errors or omissions, we never accept attempts to get us to change our opinions where they’re based on established fact.

We do sometimes produce custom market education reports for technology vendors, but these reports never mention or endorse any vendors or products and always use MWD Advisors-sourced research and analysis as their foundation. To avoid any confusion about the self-funded nature of our research program, any custom reports we do produce are never made available on this site.