Project services for innovators, architects and change leaders

We help you drive real business value through digital technologies.
Digital technologies are the most potent force driving change across both public and private industry sectors. Today the buzz is about AI, mobile, cloud and Big Data… next year there will be more technologies to figure out. What’s more: digital transformation is fundamentally about changing the way your organisation changes, rather than about a one-off transformation to some kind of static ‘digital to-be’ state.

Building on the foundation of our unique industry research program, we provide a range of training and consulting services to help you succeed in a complex, fast-changing environment.

Whether you’re right at the start of a technology implementation journey or you’re looking to improve a capability you already have, we can help you with our no-nonsense, cost-effective consulting project services.

Discovery workshops

Shaped around your own stated needs and priorities, we’ll come to you and deliver a short, highly focused package of orientation training with no fluff. An orientation workshop focused on a specific area of MWD Advisors’ research coverage will give you, your colleagues and your potential project stakeholders a clear, no-nonsense understanding of the potential value and applicability of that capability within the context of your business and its strategies.

360-degree readiness assessments

This is the quickest way to get a thoroughly independent perspective on your organisation’s readiness to invest in – and get value from – a technology capability. Working from a set of in-depth interviews with your team and other key stakeholders in your organisation to gather a 360-degree view of your readiness, we’ll deliver a crisp, actionable report that clearly shows you your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your readiness to invest and deliver, as well as the steps you need to take to minimise your risk and maximise your investment return.

Vendor selection assistance

We take you from early-stage market exploration to an independently-validated vendor/partner shortlist that you can quickly take to the RFP/RFQ process. We’ll work with you to understand your current goals, requirements, constraints and capabilities, and will then suggest a shortlist in a crisp, clear draft recommendations report.

In-depth capability benchmarking

With this engagement, our independent experts spend time with you to carry out a benchmarking assessment in person. Working from a set of in-depth interviews with your team and other key stakeholders in your organisation, we create a 360-degree capability benchmark, and a unique Action Plan which will give you clear guidance and recommendations for improving your capability.

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