Project services for technology providers

We help you to help your prospects and customers succeed
We all know that the technology landscape is changing faster than ever – there’s an explosion of choice and an abundance of resources. Still, though, organisations large and small can struggle to cut through the noise and really understand what technology they need, how best to make use of it and what makes the difference between success and failure.

Building on the foundation of our unique industry research program, we provide a range of project-based services to help you help your prospects and customers succeed.

If you’re in the business of selling technology products and services and want independent industry expertise to help you connect with prospects and customers more effectively, we can help you.

Strategy consulting

When you need high-quality, independent, no-nonsense strategic feedback from experienced industry insiders, we’re here to help. All our key analysts can help you develop and tune product and market strategies, and identify and prioritise potential partnership and acquisition targets. Using our experience using the innovative Value Proposition Canvas, we can help you refine value propositions for new and existing product and service offerings.

Sessions can be as short as a half-day, or can involve multiple days spread over a month or more – depending on the nature of your requirement.

Sales intelligence

We commonly support sales teams in two ways: firstly through sales education events and webinars; and secondly through the provision of competitive intelligence materials (‘battle cards’) that help sales teams position effectively against key competitors. As well as working to produce these on a project basis, we also offer sales intelligence deliverables as part of our Competitive Insights retainer service.

Market education 

We provide expert speakers for in-person customer or marketing events, and for webinars. Whenever one of our analysts participates in an event, we promote the event through social media and our other regular community communications.

We can also produce custom market education papers, podcasts and videos that help you frame and articulate the value of the products and services that you provide (though we never mention vendors or products). All such materials are provided with perpetual exclusive distribution rights.

Lastly, as well as providing benchmarking tools as part of our own research services for organisations, we can work collaboratively with you to create custom benchmarking tools, based on our reusable tool framework, that you can offer to customers and prospects to enable them to learn how to improve their capability or readiness. We give you exclusive access to all the benchmark and contact data from the tool’s users, which also drives seriously qualified introductions and conversations.


It’s easy to purchase a license to redistribute any article from our research program. Our standard product enables you to redistribute a single report for a 12-month period with no other restrictions, so we won’t limit your ability to make the piece available for download or hand it out at conferences. Licenses also include translation rights.

Something else? 

Have another requirement you’d like to discuss? We’re always happy to talk about custom consulting and research projects. Contact us to share your thoughts.