We help you drive change through the power of digital technologies

Digital technologies are the most potent force driving change across both public and private industry sectors. Today the buzz is about social, mobile, cloud and Big Data… next year there will be more technologies to figure out.

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Building on the foundation of our unique industry research program, we provide a range of training and consulting services to help you succeed in a complex, fast-changing environment.

We provide targeted services for organisations looking to invest in and deploy new technologies, and also provide services for technology suppliers.


Want to accelerate results and reduce risks in adoption of new technologies?

Whether you’re right at the start of your technology implementation journey or you’re looking to scale a capability you already have, we can help you with our no-nonsense, cost-effective advisory services.

Orientation workshops

Shaped around your own stated needs and priorities, we’ll come to you and deliver a short, highly focused package of orientation training with no fluff. An orientation workshop focused on a specific area of MWD Advisors’ research coverage will give you, your colleagues and your potential project stakeholders a clear, no-nonsense understanding of the potential value and applicability of that capability within the context of your business and its strategies.

360-degree readiness assessments

A MWD Advisors readiness assessment is the quickest way to get a thoroughly independent perspective on your organisation’s readiness to invest in – and get value from – a technology capability. Working from a set of in-depth interviews with your team and other key stakeholders in your organisation to gather a 360-degree view of your readiness, we’ll deliver a crisp, actionable report that clearly shows you your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your readiness to invest and deliver, as well as the steps you need to take to minimise your risk and maximise your investment return.

Vendor selection assistance

A vendor shortlisting project takes you from early-stage market exploration to an independently-validated vendor shortlist which you can quickly take to the RFP/RFQ process. We’ll work with you to understand your current goals, requirements, constraints and capabilities, and will then suggest a vendor shortlist in a crisp, clear draft recommendations report that also shows you why we identify the vendors we do. We’ll then review this recommendations report with you to ensure that all the assumptions we’ve made are correct, and then hand over to you.

Using our extensive experience of working on vendor and technology selection projects, we can also help you bullet-proof your RFP or RFQ. We’ll work with your existing RFP or RFQ, and through a set of interviews with your team and key stakeholders we’ll tune it to help ensure the practicality and clarity of vendors’ responses, that you can easily determine a vendor’s fit to your needs, and that you can make a realistic selection based on vendors’ responses.

In-depth capability benchmarking

Using our online tools you can already self-assess your own capabilities against those of other organisations and quickly get a set of personalised recommendations to help you improve. But it’s valuable to go deeper – and have independent experts spend time with you to carry out a benchmarking assessment in person. In our standard engagement, we visit your site and do just this. The output is a 360-degree capability benchmark, and a unique Action Plan which will give you clear guidance and recommendations for improving your capability.

Want independent input to help you deliver more value to more of your customers?

If you’re in the business of selling technology products and services and want independent industry expertise to help you connect with prospects and customers more effectively, we can help you.

Article reprints

It’s easy to purchase a license to redistribute any article from our research program. Our standard product enables you to redistribute a single report for a 12-month period with no other restrictions, so we won’t limit your ability to make the piece available for download or hand it out at conferences. Licenses also include translation rights.

Market education

We provide expert speakers for in-person customer or marketing events, and for webinars. Whenever one of our analysts participates in an event, we promote the event through social media and our other regular community communications.

We can also produce custom market education papers for your exclusive distribution that help you frame and articulate the value of the products and services that you provide. When we create these papers we never mention vendors or products; the role of market education papers is to help organisations understand the benefits and key issues concerning technologies and their adoption in the real world. All such papers are provided with perpetual exclusive distribution rights.

Sales support

We commonly support sales teams in two ways: firstly through sales education events and webinars; and secondly through the provision of competitive intelligence materials (‘battle cards’) that help sales teams position effectively against key competitors.

Online benchmarking tools

As well as providing benchmarking tools as part of our own research services for organisations, we also offer you the opportunity to license the framework to offer your own benchmarking capabilities to customers and prospects to enable them to learn how to improve their capability or readiness. This gives you exclusive access to all the benchmark and contact data from the tool’s users, which drives seriously qualified introductions and conversations.


Have a another requirement you’d like to discuss? We’re always happy to talk about custom consulting and research projects.