Showing you how digital technology changes work

MWD Advisors’ industry research program is focused on showing how digital technology changes work.

Download our research agenda for Q3, 2018 – July-September 2018 [PDF, 50KB]

Program scope

The core capabilities we primarily focus our research on are ‘co-ordination platforms’ and ‘knowledge platforms’:

  • Co-ordination platforms are software-powered systems that enable individuals, teams, organisations and supply chains to co-ordinate work in scalable, repeatable ways. Historically these came in distinct flavours: collaboration platforms, workflow platforms, and so on. Now the boundaries are very much blurred.
  • Knowledge platforms are software-powered systems that enable individuals, teams, organisations and supply chains to manage and share knowledge in scalable, repeatable ways. The boundaries here are also blurring.

We’re also seeing boundaries blurring between knowledge platforms and co-ordination platforms – as the benefits of model-based application delivery techniques become better understood.

We’re particularly focused on the digital technology evolutions that are driving change in these platforms and the benefits they can bring: whether that’s cloud platforms, AI and big data, blockchain or IoT technologies. These are collectively driving new expectations of ubiquity of knowledge and functionality; new ways of participating in work; new opportunities for agility; and new opportunities for work automation and augmentation.

What questions do we answer?

Our research program is fundamentally about exploring and advising on how this whole landscape is evolving:

  • How fast are technologies changing, in what direction are they moving and what kinds of benefits and challenges will those changes introduce for organisations?
  • Which vendors are moving in which directions, and what does that mean for organisations looking for technology partners?
  • How are organisations reacting to and adopting these new capabilities? What kinds of skills and capabilities are they having to build? What challenges do they come across? What kinds of results are they achieving?

Organising our research for you

On our website, we currently categorise our research in three particular ways, and you can explore these different perspectives by browsing through our All topics page:

  • We categorise articles according to the kinds of technology capabilities they focus on.
  • We categorise articles according to the business priority areas they’re particularly concerned with.
  • We categorise articles according to the kind of content they contain (case studies/leader interviews;  reports focusing on vendors/technologies; and pieces more focused on strategy topics).