Retainer advisory services for innovators, architects and change leaders

We help you drive real business value through digital technologies
Digital technologies are the most potent force driving change across both public and private industry sectors. Today the buzz is about social, mobile, cloud and Big Data… next year there will be more technologies to figure out. What’s more: digital transformation is fundamentally about changing the way your organisation changes, rather than about a one-off transformation to some kind of static ‘digital to-be’ state.

When you need ongoing support, choose our retainer services. We offer two variants: Core and Concierge.

The Core retainer

Our entry-level retainer service provides your organisation with access to all the premium research articles on, together with the ability to schedule inquiries with our analysts to dig into our research and get personalised advice. Pricing is based on the size of your organisation.

If there are five or more people in your organisation who would benefit from full premium membership to our premium research, a corporate subscription could save you money.

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The Insights Concierge Service

Our Insights Concierge Service provides a unique bespoke layer of service on top of our Core retainer foundation. We give you a tailored, personalised insight resource that ‘plugs in’ to and extends your leadership team. We make sure you stay on top of the digital technology and practice developments that are most relevant to you and your organisation.

We start by developing a personalised scope of research for you based on your strategies and plans. This scope identifies a set of trends/issues of interest, and a set of relevant sectors to apply the research across.

We deliver insights to you in three ways:

  • Monthly written Executive briefing notes – tailored to the agreed research scope and providing short, easily-digestible summaries of key technology, service and business developments within that agreed scope.
  • An on-demand telephone advisory service – enabling named Executives to schedule advisory calls (typically one hour in length) to work through particular questions or issues identified within the agreed research scope.
  • Quarterly in-person Executive advisory sessions. The agenda for each session is agreed a month in advance (so we can prepare properly) and each session typically lasts a couple of hours. All presentation material is shared with you.

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Already have a subscription?

Your organisation may already have a corporate subscription to either our Core or Concierge retainer service. To check if this is the case and associate your account with an existing corporate subscription, please contact us now. (You’ll need to use your work email address, so we can properly check our records).

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