RPA capability assessment

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is quickly becoming widespread in organisations across a wide variety of sectors. Although it’s a technology-led phenomenon, success requires much more than just technology.

Perhaps you’re just getting started with RPA; or maybe you’re developing a centre of excellence (COE) and looking to scale your efforts. Either way:

  • Do you know how strong your RPA capability is today?
  • Would you like to benchmark that performance against other businesses in your industry?
  • Would you like to know how to improve?

Our online RPA benchmarking tool gives you all this, free.

You need a free site account to use this tool, but you can get that in just 30 seconds. You can register here.

Take 3 free and easy steps to learn how you compare, and how to improve

  1. Take the self-assessment questionnaire
  2. See how you compare to other organisations
  3. Download an in-depth, personalised action plan

You can return to update your assessment as many times as you like, and generate revised action plans that highlight your next steps.


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